Order of High Priesthood

Meets once annually to confer the Order at the Grand York Rite Sessions, usually Thursday after the Memorial.

Open to sitting and Past High Priests by application.

For Official Information Contact:

T.J. Henwood , Recorder/Treasurer

Michael Lockhart, PGHP
Excellent President

2023 Officers

Excellent President: Michael Lockhart, PGHP
Vice President: Wm. Ronald Frizzell, PGHP
Chaplain: Ronald Tucker
Recorder/Treasurer: T.J. Henwood,PGHP, PP
Master of Ceremonies: Randall Gilless, EHP
Conductor: Troy Cole
Herald: Doug McConnell
Steward: Joshua Bryan
Guard: Billy Britt
Dir. of Work: Joshua Bryan
Rec/Treas Emeritus: Royce Taylor, PP

2023 Officers

Class of Candidates Anointed March 10, 2022