Fraternal Greetings and
Our Home Page
Paul H. Craig
Eminent Prior
2021 – 2022

For Official Information Contact:
Michael P. Lockhart, 
Treasurer/Registrar, Pro-Tem
49 County Rd. 644,
Mountain Home, AR, 72653-9133


Albert Pike Priory meets Annually at
Grand Sessions and First Saturday in May

OFFICERS for 2021-2022

Prior: Paul H. Craig
Dep. Prior: Ronald S. Tucker
Warder: Wm. Ronald Frizzell
Treasurer/Registrar: Michael P. Lockhart
Prelate: Charles H. Ferguson
Orator: Troy Cole
Herald: Michael Winningham
Sentinel: Mark Kalkbrenner
Dir. of Work: T.J. Henwood, PP


1980 Wesley H. Newton
1982 *Harvey I.Mize
1988 James O. Jackson
1989 *Earl Tubbs
1991 *Johnnie D. Savage
1992 Thomas L. May
1996 *Clifford L. Duncan
1997 Clyde Watson
1998 *Robert B. Mitchell
1999 *Kenneth E. Story
2000 Bobby B. Bennett
2001 *Johnny A. Hedge
2003 *John Sam Davis
2004 *Bobby Gower
2005 *Burt Lee

2006 Timothy J. Henwood
2007 Samuel D. Lattin, Jr.
2008 *Ted Solarz
2009 Royce Taylor
2010 Joseph T. Clements
2011 Ed Britton
2012 +Aaron South
2013 +Robet L. Jackson
2014 *Silas Wilson
2015 David Bassett
2016 *Ronald P. Schmidt
2017 W. Paul Wilson
2018 Dr. Joe P. Rouse

CLASS 0f 2021

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