Arkansas York Rite College #142

Arkansas College #142
traditionally meets twice annually:

A business meeting during the
Grand York Rite sessions of Arkansas

The Annual Meeting will be Second
Saturday in May at Bendemeer Grotto

For Official Information Contact:

George M. Coleman, OPC, PG, PS – Recorder
186 Dugger Rd
Beebe, AR 72012


Pre. Em. Samuel D. Lattin

Grand Governor

Timothy J. Henwood, OPC, PG PGHP, PMIGM, PGC(H)

The first York Rite College was constituted on June 15, 1957. From here, the new organization spread rapidly from coast to coast and from north to south and by 1970 Colleges had been established in fourteen States and one Province of Canada.

Membership in a College is by invitation, and is restricted to those who hold membership in all of the other York Rite bodies. 

2024 – 2025 Officers

Governor: Samuel D. Lattin
Dep. Governor: Michael P. Lockhart
Chancellor: Joe Rouse
Primate: James Morehead
Preceptor: Sherrill Baker
Seneschal: Wm. Ronald Frizzzell
Marshal: Ron Tucker
Sentinel: Mark Kalkbrenner
Herald: Paul Craig
Treasurer: Sumner Brashears, OPC,PG
Secretary: George M. Coleman, Jr., OPC, PG
Dir. of Work: Joshua Bryan

2024 Angelo G. Coppola
Memorial Class

Jerry Rapier, Scott Williams, Jon Walter

Past Governors

1988-1989Homer F. Chamness
1989-1990Jess N. Bonds, II
1990-1991Kevin L. Hatfield
1991-1992Johnnie D. Savage
1992-1993H. B. Foster Bowden
1993-1994Johnny A. Hedge
1994-1995Clifford L. Duncan
1995-1996Sumner Brashears
1996-1997John T. Elliott
1997-1998Ronald Hedge
1998-1999Charles J. Swanner
1999-2000Robert B. Mitchell
2000-2001Robert A. Vowell
2001-2002Jack L. Sharp
2002-2003John Sam Davis
2003-2004Bill A. Jones PGM
2004-2005Bobbie B. Bennett
2005-2006Douglas E. Dobbyn
2006-2007Dick E. Browning, PGM
2007-2008James T. Bell
2008-2009Timothy J. Henwood
2009-2010Burt F. Lee
2010-2011Royce H. Taylor
2011-2012Dale Ingram Miller
2012-2013Aaron J. South
2013-2014James L. Weatherall
2014-2015C. James Graham, PGM
2015-2016Joseph T. Clements, Jr.
2016-2017Steven G. Tiner
2017-2018George K. Coffman, PGM
2018-2019Thomas E. Liles
2019-2021George M. Coleman, Jr
2021-2022Charles H. Ferguson, PGM
2022-2023Angelo G. Cappola
2023-2024William Paul Wilson

Associate Regents (Order of the Purple Cross)

1988Homer F. Chamness, Jr.
1990Jess N. Bonds, II
1990Johnnie D. Savage
1991Sumner Brashears
1991Kevin L. Hatfield
1992H. B. Foster Bowden
1992Clifford L. Duncan
1993Richard W. Brink
1994Johnny A. Hedge
1995John T. Elliott
1995Frank S. Zimmerman
1996John O. Clark
1996Ronald Hedge
1997Robert B. Mitchell
1997Charles J. Swanner
1999Esra S. Cook
1999Paul C. Bush
2001Jack L. Sharp
2001Walter C. Barnhardt
2002Bobby B. Bennett
2002Douglas E. Dobbyn
2003John Sam Davis
2003Theodore R. Solarz
2004Bill A. Jones
2004Edward Row
2005Dick E. Browning
2006James T. Bell
2008Timothy J. Henwood
2008John R. Koepke
2009Burt F. Lee
2010Royce Taylor
2011Dale Miller
2012James L. Weatherall
2012C. James Graham
2013Aaron South
2015Steven G. Tiner
2018George K. Coffman
2019Thomas Liles
2021George M. Coleman, Jr
2022Charles H. Ferguson
2023Angelo G. Coppola

Gold Honor Award

The Gold Honor Award is presented to any Masonic Brother for rendering faithful and outstanding service to any branch of Freemasonry. The recipient does not have to be a member of the York Rite College, nor is it required that he be a member of the York Rite.

Arkansas York Rite College No. 142 has given this award to the following:

1989Jack B. Donham, PGM
1990Haydyn P. Davis, PGM
1991Claude Collie, PGM
1992Hans Siegfreid Johnson
1993H. D. Gifford
1994C. Bush, PGM
1994Robert E. Spaulding
1995Elliot Flickinger
1995John O. Clark
1996Bobby B. Bennett
1996Weir E. Davidson
1997John G. Ayers
1997Labon Tompkins
1998James L. Weatherall, PGM
1998Walter C. Barnhardt
1999James P. Vinson, Sr.
1999Timothy J. Henwood
2000Emmett L. Pollard, Jr.
2000Dwane F. Treat, SGIG
2000Charles Green
2001Bill J. Harmon
2001Frank Smith, PGM
2002Rev. Tim McMinn
2002David T. Arnold
2002Rev. Steve Tiner
2003John H. Kidwell, PGM
2003P. Richard Gambill
2004John T. Winchester
2004Leslie O. Payne
2004Wilburn B. Howton
2005George K. Coffman
2005Hershel Wright
2006Herman Johnson
2006Curtis Bratcher
2006Jasper O. Northcut
2007Nester Pankey
2007Bill Sharp
2007Ardis O. Dean
2008Ransom Walker
2008Adam McClung
2008C. James Graham
2008Mack Ellis
2009Mike Noles
2009Ralph Michael Snyder
2009Odis Aston
2010Gerald Hoggard
2010Wally Thomas
2010David Bassett
2010James Anderson
2010Michael Lockhart
2011Martin E Warren, PGM
2011James Larry Holt
2011W. Paul Wilson
2012John M. Kennedy
2012Silas M. Wilson
2012Harry A. Flagel
2013Robert L. Jackson, PGM
2013Jimmy L. Williams
2013Michael Olegario
2014Jerry C. Hixson
2014Carl M. Phillips
2014Jason Holt
2015Andy Miller
2016Ronald Tucker
2016 Carl E. Nelson, PGM
2016Mitch Hensley
2016Al Davis
2017James Monty Fulmer
2018Christopher George
2018Brad Leggett
2018James Rorie
2018Harold Sutherland
2018James Rochelle
2021Jeffery Squires
2021J.D. Sexton
2021Thomas Flowers
2021Arthur Smith
2021Jacob Claude Davis
2021David S. Ponder
2021Thomas Lampirez
2021Clint Chastain
2021Jon Walter
2023Stacey Ralls
2023Steve Gregory
2023Joshua Bryan

Sovereign College Service Award

The Sovereign College Service Award is presented to a Companion Knight of the College who has contributed outstanding service to the York Rite College.

Arkansas York Rite College No. 142 has presented this award to the following Companion Knights:

1992Grant R. Rubly
1993Lynas C. Gustin
1994Gordon O. Delaney
1995Esra S. Cook
1996Robert A. Vowell
1997Wayne E. St. John
1998Theodore A. Solarz
1999Tony H. Vernich
2002Dick E. Browning, PGM
2003Bill A. Jones, PGM
2005Steven G. Tiner
2006John R. Koepke
2014George M. Coleman, PGHP
2019William Paul Wilson