Trinity Conclave Red Cross of Contantine

Fort Smith

Annual Assembly:

Fort Smith, AR
November 14, 2024
at Belle Point Lodge, 1:00 p.m.

For Official Information Contact:

Kevin L. Hatfield, PGM, PS – Recorder

Mike Winningham
Puissant Sovereign

2023-2024 Officers

Puissant Sovereign: Mike Winningham
Eminent Viceroy: Scott Sells
Sr. General: Arthur Smith
Jr. General: Michael Lockhart
Treasurer: Joe Rouse, PS
Recorder: Kevin L. Hatfield, PS
Prelate: Scott McBride
Prefect: Boyd Freeman, PGM
Standard Bearer: Ray Matthew
Herald: Greg Carmen
Sentinel: David Boyer

The Red Cross of Constantine is officially The Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and St. John the Evangelist, the latter two of which are called the Appendant Orders. There are also two chair degrees conferred on the Viceroy and Sovereign of a Conclave, and two honorary orders: Knight Commander of Constantine and Knight Grand Cross. The governing body of the Order for the United States of America and Its Jurisdiction is styled The United Grand Imperial Council of Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine and Appendant Orders for the United States of America and Its Jurisdiction.

The purpose of the Constantinian Orders are to commemorate the first elevation of Christianity from the position of a despised and proscribed heresy to that of a legally recognized and honored religion, to cultivate the social virtues, appeal to the intellectual and moral qualities, preserve as far as possible the customs of the fraternity and bring about good fellowship and understanding between all branches of Masonry.

Knights Companions of the Order meet in Conclaves of the Red Cross of Constantine and a member must be a Royal Arch Mason in good standing and subscribe to a belief in the Christian religion as revealed in the New Testament. Membership is by invitation and each Conclave has a prescribed membership limit.

Past Sovereigns

1951Thomas K Morton *
1952John W Vaile *
1953Robert C Mack *
1954James H Clendenning *
1955Okla H Smith *
1956Ormand B Shaw *
1957Nelson M Robertson *
1958Lincoln D Moran *
1959Roy A Long *
1960Raymond H Ford *
1961Charles H Cross *
1962Leslie M Greene *
1963Robert L Secrest *
1964Robert K Rodgers *
1965Harry K Seymour *
1966Albert R Stout *
1967Ralph E Crigler *
1968Fred E Harris *
1969James F Blakemore *
1970Franklin B Trusdell *
1971Noble B Jones *
1972Leon M Wasson *
1973Glenn E Ward *
1974Harvey A Storey *
1975Earl K Alexander *
1976John G Ayers *
1977Chester A Liddle *
1978Earsel Allumbaugh *
1979Dennis H Carmack *
1980J Luther Whitfield *
1981Stewart M Condren *
1982Donald H Flanders *
1983M C Lewis Jr *
1984Robert Hays Williams *
1985Lynas C Gustin *
1986Homer F Chamness *
1987Ellis G Yoes *
1988Paul C Bush *
1989Carl L Robertson *
1990Sumner Brashears
1991Charles S Mankin *
1992Oral T Brewer *
1993Murrey O Campbell *
1994Lester J Gallaway *
1995Kevin L Hatfield
1996Thomas L May
1997Robert B Mitchell *
1998Okla Ben Smith *
1999Clifford L Duncan *
2000Robert L Harmon *
2001James T Bell
2002Dwight E Kinsey *
2003Theodore R Solarz *
2004Charles J Swanner *
2005Bobby B Bennett
2006Douglas E Dobbyn *
2007Robert W Gipson *
2008A H Watson Jr *
2009Robert A Burbage *
2010Billy A Jones *
2011Dale I Miller –
2012Aaron J South –
2013Charles E Stuttle
2014David T Arnold *
2014Jack C Buell
2015Thomas E Liles
2016Martin E Warren
2017Joe P Rouse
2018R Jerry Whorton
2019James E O Hern
2020Paul H Craig
2021Alvin Lee Lievsay
2022Jarrod R Adkisson PGM
2023C Max Norris

No Longer a member
* Deceased