St Giles Conclave Red Cross of Contantine

Little Rock

Meets: Three Times Annually:

March/April – Spring Social and
Ladies Honor Day

3rd Saturday in July –
Election of Candidates & Officers

1st Saturday in November – Annual Assembly for Conferral of Orders

For Official Information Contact:

Timothy J. Henwood, PS – Recorder
P.O. Box 6681
Sherwood, AR 72124-6681

James Rochelle
Puissant Sovereign

2023-2024 Officers

Puissant Sovereign: James A. RochelleEminent Viceroy: Wm. Paul Wilson
Sr. General: Sherrill R. Baker
Jr. General: James Morehead
Treasurer: Charles H. Ferguson, PS
Recorder: Timothy J. Henwood, PS
Prelate: Wm. Ronald Frizzell
Prefect: Harllen Joe Dixon
Standard Bearer: Michael R. Olegario
Herald: Troy W. Cole
Sentinel: Ronald S. Tucker

The Red Cross of Constantine is officially The Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and St. John the Evangelist, the latter two of which are called the Appendant Orders. There are also two chair degrees conferred on the Viceroy and Sovereign of a Conclave, and two honorary orders: Knight Commander of Constantine and Knight Grand Cross. The governing body of the Order for the United States of America and Its Jurisdiction is styled The United Grand Imperial Council of Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine and Appendant Orders for the United States of America and Its Jurisdiction.

The purpose of the Constantinian Orders are to commemorate the first elevation of Christianity from the position of a despised and proscribed heresy to that of a legally recognized and honored religion, to cultivate the social virtues, appeal to the intellectual and moral qualities, preserve as far as possible the customs of the fraternity and bring about good fellowship and understanding between all branches of Masonry.

Knights Companions of the Order meet in Conclaves of the Red Cross of Constantine and a member must be a Royal Arch Mason in good standing and subscribe to a belief in the Christian religion as revealed in the New Testament. Membership is by invitation and each Conclave has a prescribed membership limit.

2023-2024 Officers

Class of Nov. 4, 2023

(L-R) Jon C. Walter, Sheldon A. Gately, Jason S. Amick

Past Sovereigns

1914-15Arthur L. Smith+
1916Joseph S. Speed +
1917Sidney C. Poage+
1918John J. Ball+
1919R. H. Kaufman +
1920George C. Worthen+
1921Alfred H. Leymer+
1922N. J. Grant, Jr.+
1923Edgar M. Rowe+
1924Arthur C. Becker
1925Bishop J. R. Windchester
1926F. G. Faulk
1927Harry C. Kolbe
1928Charles A. Gordon
1929Paul R. Shephard
1930G. Dematt Henderson
1931Robert E. Wiley
1932Cecil E. Munn+
1933Charles K. Bothwell
1934J. D. Burlingame
1935John D. Bateman
1936James H. Penick
1937Dr. Francis Vinsonhaler
1938C. Eugene Smith
1939Charles D. Hill
1940G. Russell Brown
1941N. D. Moon
1942R. R. Stevenson
1943Fred J. Ingram
1944W. D. Billingsley
1945Dr. Frances J. Sculley
1946James C. Becknell
1947J. Miles Roberts
1948Walter H. Estes
1949Robert A. Kern
1950Thomas C. Moore
1951Fred C. Brogg
1952Eugene F. Callaway
1953Walter C. Hickman
1954Dr. R. D. Adams
1955James A. Pence
1956Milton M. Anderson
1957Thomas A. Booth
1958W. Ellis Arnold
1959L. Leland McDaniels
1960Axel L. Larson
1961Kenneth C. Johnso
1962A. Edward Linsel
1963A. R. Merritt
1964Dr. Wesley J. Ketz
1965George Rose
1966R. Bruce Spencer, Jr.
1967Hall Shaver Moore
1968Charles Allen Clift
1969Herman A. Carty
1971Houston Alton Brian
1972Jacob Larry King
1973David Morris Evans
1974Jack Benjamin Donham
1975Glen Albert Railshack
1976Benjamin Franklin Mackey
1977William Floyd Dowing
1978William H. Greenwood
1979Claude Morrison Collie
1980John Duffie Buzbee
1981William Nash
1982Louis M. Ozmer
1982Ezra Samuel Cook
1983Hoyl W. Clanton
1984John Thomas Elliott
1985J. W. “Jack” Nutt
1986George Franklin Ivey
1987Harvey I. Mize
1988J. Lee Overstreet
1989S. Edward Pace
1990James Dillman Hollis
1991Wayne Earle St. John
1992Thomas Jefferson Dooley
1993Lee Duane Hancock
1994John J. Robinson
1995Johnnie Deen Savage
1996William Lee Fergus
1997William Henry Walters
1998James C. Fernald
1999Ernest Lowery Biery
2000John Ohmer Clark
2001Johnny Alton Hedge
2002Wallace Ray Thomas
2003Robert Reynolds Young
2004Robert Estes Spaulding
2005Bobby Clay Gower
2006Ronnie Hedge
2007Earl Fay Tubbs
2008Timothy J. Henwood
2009Samuel D. Lattin
2010Eldridge “Gene”Stirling
2011Dick E. Browning
2012Joseph T. Clements, Jr.
2013Burt F. Lee
2014Robert L. Jackson
2015George Kirby Coffman
2016C. James Graham #
2017Charles Henry Ferguson
2018Steven Glenn Tiner
2019H. Royce Taylor
2020-21D. Dan Lloyd
2021-22Gerorge M. Coleman, Jr
2022-23Angelo G. Coppola, Sr

* No Longer a Member
# Deceased