Arkansas College


Little Rock, Arkansas



Fraternal Greetings and
Welcome to
Our Official Home Page

Chief Adept – Steven Glenn Tiner, IX°
T. J. Henwood, VII°
Celebrant 2022-2023

For OFFICIAL Information Contact:
Dick E. Browning, VII°
Phone: 501-681-8309

OFFICERS for 2022-2023

Chief Adept Steven Glenn Tiner, IX°
Celebrant T. J. Henwood, VIII°
Suffragan W. Paul Wilson, VII°
Treasurer Charles H. Ferguson, VII°
Secretary Dick E. Browning, VIII°
1st Ancient Troy W. Cole, VII°
2nd Ancient Ronald S Tucker, VII°
3rd Ancient M. Eugene Warren, VII°
4th Ancient Thomas Liles VII°
Conductor of Novices Angelo G. Coppola, VII°
Organist Bert O. Miller, VII°
First Herald Mark Kalkbrenner, VII°
Second Herald Hal Sutherland, VII°
Torch Bearer Wm. Ronald Frizzell, VII°
Guardian of the Caverns H. Joe Dixon, VII°
Medalist Lucas Minton, VII°
Acolyte Randy Gilless, VII°
Librarian Doug McConnell, VII°
Prelate Billy Britt, VII°
Director of Work Monty Fulmer, VII°
Prelate Emeritus Joseph T. Clements, VII°

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