Jack L. Sharp Council No. 91 Knight Masons


Meets four times per year

March, June, August and  December

Attire for all meetings is business suit, with exception of annual conferral meeting.

Black tuxedo is preferred for the September Meeting.

For Official Information Contact:

Andrew Morrison, Scribe



Clint Chastain
Excellent Chief


Order of Knight Masons

The Order of Knight Masons is a chivalric masonic order, open to all members of a Royal Arch Chapter, but is by invitation only.

Members of the order met in Councils of Knight Masons which are governed by the Grand Council of Knight Mason, USA.

Councils of Knight Masons are presided over by an Excellent Chief and confer the degrees  of Knight of the Sword, Knight of the East, and Knight of the East and West.

2024 Officers

Excellent Chief: Clint Chastain
Sr. Knight: Wesley Stephens
Jr. Knight: James Mills
Treasurer: Michael Lewis
Scribe: Andy Morrison
Sr. Warden: Trevor Robinson
Jr. Warden: Michael Foster
Dir. of Ceremonies: Mike Winningham, PEC
Priest: Rodney Fry
Steward: Ric Gaines
Sentinel: Gary Sanders
Dir. of Work: Mike Winningham, PEC

Members of Jack L. Sharp No. 91

2023 Candidates

(L-R) Cousins Keith Williford, Darrell Goff, George Riggs, Kevin Elliott, Shane Alexander, Stuart Stapleton, and Jason Holt.

Living Past Excellent Chiefs

2010 – Dale Miller
2011  – Jarrod Adkisson
2012 – Charles Stuttle
2016 – Max Norris
2017 – Dr. Joe Rouse
2018 – Michael Winningham
2019 – Robert Gipson
2020-2021 – Scott Nelson
2022 – David Boyer
2023 – David Williamson

Recent News