Fraternal Greetings
and WELCOME to
Our Official Home Page
Ven. Ancel Ray Matthew
Sovereign Master 2023

For OFFICIAL Information
Randall Gilless, Secretary
276 Amy Rd., Pocahontas, AR 72455

Sovereign Master:  Ancel Ray Matthew

Senior Warden: Frank Kish
Junior Warden: Jon Walter
Sec/Treasurer: Randall Gilless
Senior Deacon: Wayne Smith
Junior Deacon: Colin Miller
Chaplain: Scott Williams
Tyler: Weldon Denton

Officers (left to right)
Jon Walter, Wayne Smith, Frank Kish, Colin Miller, Ray Matthew, Randy Gilless, Scott Williams

Recent Class Sep 9th.

(left to right)Jackie Thompson, Vernon Kimbrough, Joshua Currier, and our SM Ray Matthew

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